Federal Fire Service Past Questions & Answers Download PDF Below

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The Federal Fire Service Past Questions & Answers can be download in PDF version. Read below to know why you need FFS 2019 Interview Qs & As.

Did you apply for Federal Fire Service recruitment? Are you among the shortlisted candidates? Are you searching for FFS past & answers online? Would you love to pass Fire Service Interview with flying colours? If yes, then you are on the right page, all these questions will be carefully treated in this article, read down.

Federal Fire Service Past Questions & Answers Download PDF Below

Why Do Fed. Fire Service Conducts Interview Questions

Interview questions serves as a medium where the management uses to select the perfect and best candidates for the available positions they are recruiting, you can undoubtedly agree with me not all applicants truly have an understanding of the recruitment they apply, so many take it so unserious (If am invited I will go if not no problem) and therefore may not make any effort of preparing against the forthcoming interview. This mandated every organization, company or ministry including the Federal Fire Service to be conducting questions and strictly align the job opportunity to only successful candidates.

Importance of Past Questions and Answers to Every Applicant

Just like I explained above, your inability to pass the interview questions set by any employer automatically disqualifies you. At this point I don’t think you still need much explanation to realize how important it is for you to prepare ahead of time for any job you applied for especially if you are shortlisted for interview, how do you prepare

  1. Past Questions & Answers – one of the most effective way of preparing for any exams or job interview is purchasing and studying past questions of that organization.
  2. Make more findings of the job
  3. Understand what you are expected to do when employed
  4. Check your sense of dressing
  5. Learn how to adjust yourself to fit the upcoming job
  6. See yourself already getting the job

All these are for effective preparation and non-surprising look on your interview day, carefully taking the above steps will inject enough boldness in you.


Area of Focus

Basically, every candidate should be prepared based on the following areas;

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Current affairs
  4. General knowledge on fire preventive measures

See FFS Questions from Previous Years

  • Which of these is not a road classification in Nigeria
  1. Trunk A
  2. Trunk B
  3. Trunk C
  4. Trunk D
  • The acronym for the equipment worn by an individual to prevent risk to health and safety is
  1. PHE
  2. PPE
  3. PPMC
  4. PSE
  • Safety helmets are worn to protect against
  1. Extremes of temperatures
  2. Falling objects
  3. Impacts with fixed objects
  4. A B & C
  • The color Blue in safety means
  1. Prohibited action
  2. Mandatory action
  3. Safe action
  4. Warning notice
  • The color Green in safety can be used in
  1. Escape routes
  2. Emergency Showers
  3. Low passages
  4. Emergency stops
  • Freely burning fires fuelled by wood can be extinguished by
  1. Application of water
  2. Application of foam
  3. Application of C02 extinguisher
  4. C & D
  • Water is most effective and most commonly used for which of the following type of fire
  1. Class A-ordinary combustibles
  2. Class B-flammable and combustible liquids
  3. Class C-electrical
  4. Class D-combustible metals
  • The first principle of good storage practice for chemicals is:
  1. Limiting quantity
  2. Segregation
  3. Containment
  4. Concentration


Get Complete PDF Version of Federal Fire Service Past Questions & Answers

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